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Vida Essentials is dedicated to providing the purest and most sustainable essential oils on the market. After countless hours of research and development, we've located farms with the utmost respect and environmental integrity to grow our products and create each oil. Our passion began with a quest; a quest to find natural and organic remedies to fix common household issues. After working as an executive for a big pharmaceutical company, our co-founder had enough of the heartbreak. Common issues like mild allergies and anxiety were being treated with chemicals and pills to create a never-ending cycle of money-making problems. So began the research. As it turned out, nearly every mild issue her former company was claiming to fix could be solved naturally with essential oils. Vida Essentials was then born with a promise to create safe and natural solutions for those in need. We strive every day to create better products and methods to leave our earth in better condition than that in which it was found.

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