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Secrets of Tea began with “Babies’ Magic Tea,” a blend of herbs that helps relieve painful gas and colic in infants. Samah Bensalem, Secrets of Tea’s founder, had been searching for a remedy for her first child’s colic, that's when she discovered an old family remedy - a special tea blend that had been used by her family for generations, which her grandmother who was a natural healer told her about. After giving it to her daughter and seeing firsthand the almost “magical” results, she decided she couldn’t simply keep this remedy to herself. “When I blended the first Babies’ Magic Tea for my daughter, I was so excited by the results that I just had and I had to find a way to make it available to help other infants and their parents - because let’s face it, when your baby is uncomfortable, you feel helpless” said Samah. “In those early days, I never imagined how this tea - and some others that we’ve developed since then - would resonate with so many customers all over the world. It’s encouraging to see so many people turning to natural remedies to relieve things such as colic, and it just spurs me to continue to research and develop teas and herbal blends that can help people of all ages live healthier lives.”Secrets of Tea continues to expand its product line. The initial offering of Babies’ Magic Tea inspired additional “Maternity-based” teas: Healthy Nursing Tea, Mummy Magic Weight Loss Tea, No to Morning Sickness Tea, and Relaxing Mama Stress-Reducing Tea. And the product line has continued to grow with other teas blended for mind, body, and spirit.

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