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Each Tyent Ionizer Water  Starts Working In Less Than 10 Minutes

Already over 500 scientific studies and thousands of testimonials prove Tyent is the #1 Water Ionizer brand.

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Tyent Water Ionizer cutting edge technology matches the perfect amount of power (10 amps) with the perfect amount of surface area, providing extreme electrolysis for unparalleled health benefits:

  • Perfect pH ranging from 2.0 to 12.0
  • Chemical-Free for safety
  • Unmatched ORP ranging from +500 to -1200
  • Turbo Mode for Hydrogen Boost
  • Ultra Filtration for 99.9% purity
  • Certifications for peace of mind

Alkaline ionized water is used for drinking and cooking, and provides us with several important health benefits:

-restores pH balance by reducing acidity levels in the body.

-helps to neutralize free radicals that can cause cellular and DNA damage.

Others major benefits:

  1. Anti-aging properties
  2. Immune support
  3. Detoxifying properties
  4. Free radical protection
  5. Ultra hydrating
  6. Energizing effects

Tyent USA - Water for Wellness.