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One of the main problems we often see with anti-pollution face masks is that they are not made to keep out the finer particles. These can be some of the most damaging and will definitely affect your long term health if you continue to breathe them in.​

This is why you must get a clean breathing mask that keeps even the finer pollution at bay. OxyBreath Pro is almost 100% effective against the pollution particles PM2.5 & which is something that a lot of the other brands cannot say.

To give you confidence in such product an air filtering face mask, you need to know the technology is reliable.

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Engineered to maximize the full protection for you OxyBreath Pro has the triple-layered protection of OxyBreath Pro’s filtration system makes sure that the tiniest of pollution particles are kept out.

They feature activated carbon and a particle layer before the reinforced layer to make sure that nothing that you don’t want to breathe gets in.

Moreover, OxyBreath Pro inner filtration layer is made from 100% pure activated carbon cloth this means that the polyurethane materials are great for ensuring fine particles are filtered in the air, and not into your lungs.


•How To Use OxyBreath Pro?
Whenever you go out, make sure to wear an OxyBreath Pro mask and cover your nose and mouth with it. You can comfortably wear it by placing the straps around your ears.

•Does It Cover Both Nose and Mouth?
It covers your mouth and nose completely while being very comfortable as it’s made from pure carbon cloth.

•Is It Adjustable?
It has an adjustable strap that can be adjusted according to the size that fits you the best.

•How Much Does It Cost and To Where OxyBreath Pro Ship?
OxyBreath Pro cost $22 and ships worldwide. There is absolutely no fees for shipping.