The ultimate emergency recovery kit for when you know you’re going to party and need a pick-me-up for you & your party guests the next day! Includes 2 packs of Zaca Recovery Chewables in a 3×5 cotton muslin drawstring bag.

With Zaca Recovery Kit, you can have your fun and feel great the next day! This powerful supplement is one of the first on the market to introduce extract of Japanese Raisin Tree, believed to improve the negative effects of alcohol & aid in liver detoxification.

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• Convenient chewable form (no water required)
• All-natural ingredients
• Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free
• Tastes great (mixed berry flavors)
• No artificial sweeteners

Directions: Take 2 tablets as needed. If drinking, take 4 before bed.

Try a recovery patch.