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Yaasa Mattress Reviews:

Can a single mattress bring together all the best qualities of foam and innerspring bed?

Yaasa uses customer feedback to provide a sleep experience that should satisfy people of all preferences. If the company feels something isn’t working, they rely on their shoppers to let them know just how to change it. That relationship led to this customizable hybrid mattress.

In this in-depth Yaasa review, we’ll look at the feel and performance of the Soft bed with notes on the Firm option as needed. We’ll also offer rankings based on comfort, edge support, quality, and more.

Keep reading for a detailed analysis or skip to the end for an overview and score.

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You will love the Yaasa if you:

  • Want multiple firmness options – With Soft and Firm comfort options to choose from, shoppers can opt for the sleep experience that best suits their individual needs.
  • Need enhanced edge support – Some couples or sleepers sharing their bed with pets or kids look to use as much of their entire sleep surface as possible. The coils inside the Yaasa bed should provide above-average edge support as compared to most bed-in-a-box or all-foam products.
  • Sleep hot – Aerated foams, cooling gel infused into the top layer, and inner coils should all help provide a cooler feel. The Tencel cover should also help wick moisture and move heat away from the body.

You might not like the Yaasa if you:

  • Prefer a quicker surface response – The upper comfort layers do respond somewhat slowly, causing the foam to reshape more slowly over time. The inner coils should provide enough bounce to keep repositioning a breeze, though, so this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for most shoppers.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

This bed-in-a-box product is a hybrid mattress containing foam and individually pocketed coils. The mattress can be used on any flat surface or base. Adjustable frames are available for sale on the company’s website.

The Tencel cover should feel soft and plush, allowing for extra comfort and pressure relief. The first layer of Cooling Infinity Foam has been infused into the cover to help keep you sleeping cool and dry as the materials wick moisture away from the body and help heat travel throughout the bed. The cover is removable via a convenient zipper for easier spot cleaning.

The total height of the mattress is 12 inches.

Layers of the Yaasa bed

  • The first layer is made up of a 2-inch Cooling Infinity Foam that is meant to provide both contouring and a cool sleep experience. The Firm mattress contains 1 inch to provide a Firmer feel.
  • The second layer is comprised of a 1-inch Hybrid Transition Foam Responsive Natural Latex to provide responsiveness and bounce. The Firm side uses includes an extra inch of this material.
  • The third layer contains an 8-inch Edge-To-Edge Coil System that uses individually pocketed coils that should provide support and pressure relief that adapts to your body and helps ease motion transfer. People who appreciate innerspring beds can enjoy this layer.
  • The fourth layer is made up of 1 inch of High-Density Support Foam for overall durability and support.

Note: This analysis focuses on the Soft option. Differences in the Firm option have been noted where applicable.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

We rank the Soft comfort level at a 4 and the Firm side at a 7 on our Firmness scale where 1 is feather soft and 10 is hard as a rock. We gave the Yaasa ONE Medium option a 6.

You should feel comforting pressure relief as you sink into the soft upper layers of foam. A deep cradle should conform to your body to provide support and spinal alignment. The cover should be soft and cool to the touch, a priority for those who tend to sleep hot.

yaasa mattress firmness

The inner coils should provide bounce and responsiveness in the lower layers. This should help you to reposition easily without the feeling of becoming “stuck” inside the comfort foam. These coils are individually pocketed so that can conform to your shape and weight, providing extra pressure relief as needed.

Combination sleepers should be well-suited by the Yaasa bed as the blend of pressure-relieving foam and bouncy coils should provide ample support and easy movement for all positions and combinations on the mattress. Shoppers can choose between the Soft and Firm comfort levels to best suit their preferences.

Back sleepers may choose the comfort level that best suits their preferences. Either option should provide lumbar support to keep the spine neutral.

Stomach sleepers may be best served by the Firm option, as this should keep them lying flat on their stomachs on top of the bed, minimizing sinkage in the hips that could lead to uncomfortable overarching of the back.

Most side sleepers should enjoy the deep cradle of the Soft comfort option that should conform to provide pressure relief in heavier areas of the body such as the shoulders and hips.

The company recommends heavier sleepers over 220 pounds opt for the Firm comfort level as this should offer enough support to keep them from bottoming out onto the coils as they sink through the top layers of foam.

Motion Transfer

Individually pocketed coils should help minimize motion transfer by preventing vibration from traveling through the entire bed. This, combined with the energy-absorbing properties of the foam, should make this mattress a great fit for couples with restless partners or people who share their beds with children or pets.

Edge Support

You will likely notice the top foam layers compress when lying or sitting at the edge of the Yaasa. The inner coils should provide above-average support, helping you to feel stable despite the initial compression of the foam. This is ideal for co-sleepers and those who like to sleep along the edge.

Other Considerations

  • Multiple Firmness Options – The Yaasa Original is available in Soft and Firm comfort levels.
  • Trial Period – Yaasa provides a 100-night trial period so you can get a feel for your new bed before fully committing to it.
  • Warranty – This mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Shipping – This bed ships for FREE in the United States.
  • Charitable Donations – The company will work to recycle or donate returned mattresses.
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – All foams used inside Yaasa beds are certified to contain low VOC emissions and are free of the harmful levels of dangerous chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • Made in the USA