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Despite being a new brand, Magicycle has already made a name for itself by delivering excellent value. The company’s electric bikes are affordably priced and come loaded with quality components and features such as corrosion-resistant 6061 aluminum alloy frames, 180mm Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, comfortable saddles, Kenda fat tires, Shimano gearing, integrated front and rear lighting, adjustable front suspension, and more. Additionally, each Magicycle bike is backed by a 2-year warranty and generous 15-day money-back guarantee.

Where are Magicycle e-bikes made?

All Magicycle electric bikes are manufactured in China at the brand's state-of-the-art factory.

What's the battery life like on Magicycle's e-bikes?

The battery life of Magicycle's electric bikes varies from model to model. Magicycle's current e-bike lineup features models that range from 40 to 80 miles on a single charge.

Do Magicycle's e-bikes come with a thumb throttle?

No, Magicycle's electric bikes ship with half twist throttles.

Are Magicycle electric bikes waterproof?

Magicycle's e-bikes are water-resistant and the components come with an IPX8 and IPX6 rating.

Magicycle Customer Reviews

Very bright!

Easy to attach to the handlebars and gives you lots of light even at the lower settings!

Great Cruiser

The Magicycle is a great ebike. Able to handle roads and trails. Nice power. Ordered extra battery for longer rides on weekends. Fun bike that turns heads. Almost 200 miles with no problems.

Amazing pedal assist Ebike

These bikes have tons of great features and at a great price. I love the looks of this bike with the battery in the frame, and the expensive looking colors. This Ebike also includes large wheels, a front shock, fenders, hydraulic disc brakes and a digital speedometer/odometer. The motor is very powerfull, smooth, quiet and very responsive. The Level is a quality bike loaded with all the great features I was looking for in an Ebike

Super fun!!

This Bike compares and exceeds the value of bikes two and three times the cost. Super fun to ride, gear system great. Strong battery. Really fun Bike. Fabulous for running errands around town...super quick. Love the throttle function for moving through intersections quickly. Great Bike!

It is fun for the elderly

Eachday reaffirms my decision that purchasing my MAGICYCLE was the correct answer. I am a person of advanced age, the fat tires add a degree of stability to my riding that provides a large degree of comfort and confidence.

Surprised by the power

I'm 5'9" and 220, so I researched ebikes before settling on this one. I'm honestly surprised by the power. I makes me feel like I am a normal person with normal weight.

Exquisite colored display

Magicycle got perfect displays. I really love them. And the hydraulic brakes is another perfect accessory. Both of them are two of my favorite parts of the ebike.

it's got a powerful motor

I rode it yesterday for an hour, really powerful and fast. The shock-absorption system made my ride comfortable.

Really all-terrain

It really fits in almost all terrains. I just thought it was kind of exaggeration the first time I saw the official site.

Have test ride, no problem

I rode on this e-bike for almost 3 hours and it didn't run out of battery. Really long range I think.

Amazing Bike!

This bike is absolutely amazing! First off, it came packaged very well. There was a lot of protection for the bike with additional padding on the areas where the box makes contact with the floor. The bike was easy to assemble as well even though this was my first time assembling a bike. All tools needed were provided with the bike. Their customer service is amazing, too! I have several inquiries which were answered promptly and directly. As for the bike itself, it's very well built. No cheap materials were used for the frame. Bike is very powerful and can easily reach 20mph even when a big guy such as myself (245lbs) is riding. Display is gorgeous and has no issues even under sunlight. I'm very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend Magicycle to anyone looking for an ebike that is bang for the buck!

Pros and Cons

  • Compared to other affordable electric fat bikes, it certainly looks the part. The frame shape is nice and the semi-integrated battery blends nicely.
  • Compared to other Class 3 750W e-bikes, based on some testing it showed this bike is a good hill climber.
  • The battery life is on par with other affordable electric fat bikes.
  • The overall component package (aside from the brakes) is good and fairly standard-issue for this category and price.
  • The handling is done well, with an overall balanced feel that’s nice for path riding and very light off-road use.
  • Sometime had difficulty adjusting the speed down to legal levels and getting the setting changes to stick after the bike was restarted
  • The stock unbranded brakes on Magicycle Cruiser bike performed very poorly, which is an issue considering this e-bike’s speed and weight.
  • Some specification of the ebikes is not clear

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