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  • Certified Non-Toxic
  • EMF Blocking Technology
  • Maximum Infrared Emissivity

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Unlike other sauna blankets that use PU leather (fake/vegan leather made from polyurethane), the Heat Healer has a premium amide fabric, independently tested by SGS against over 197 common toxic substances.

The problem with PU leather is that it is made from solvents and glues, which leave it prone to off-gassing when heated up.

Amide fabric (which the Heat Healer uses) is the same material that gets used by NASA in an astronaut's spacesuit, for firefighters uniforms and in military applications.

Included with your Heat Healer is a travel bag, waterproof head pillow and a small hand-held controller.

A full digital user manual can be found on Heat Healer website under the 'How To Use' section.

The Heat Healer website provides a full 30 days money back guarantee.

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