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You will Love Yaasa Mattress and This is Why It is Like Best on Both Worlds:

For those of you who enjoy comfort and coolness in soft mattress and firm mattress

Yaasa Soft Mattress is great for side sleepers. The little bit of extra give lends comfort to the side sleeper’s hips and shoulders, while still providing overall stability and support.

Yaasa Firm Mattress is ideal for all you back and stomach sleepers. This firmer offering provides a solid surface that helps to support the back and stomach ensuring the spine is aligned for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Extra Benefits Sleeping with Yaasa Mattress

Best Value Luxury Mattress

Yaasa Mattress features a carefully engineered combination of foams and pocket coils that support you in a way that a foam- only mattress cannot. It adjusts to your individual needs and delivers the best possible support, comfort, & cooling breathability at the most affordable prices.

Coolest Sleep Experience

The cover of the Yaasa Mattress uses our YaasaCool Phase Change Material. Phase change materials are substances that change from one phase – liquid, solid or vapor – to another phase depending on their temperature.

With this technology we are able to absorb the body heat that you release at night, and then once your body temperature has lowered and you are comfortable & cool all night long.

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