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SleepOvation is putting springs in your Pillow:
The SleepOvation pillow is comprised of 77 individual cushions engaged with pocketed micro-springs to provide pressure relief to the contours of your face, head, and neck areas.

SleepOvation Pillow Discount and also you can sleep with this pillow or perhaps want to try first before decided to buy?

Every SleepOvation Pillow Discount comes with 100 night trial and 1 Year Warranty. No Ask Guarantee!

$300 off sleepovation mattress

The most reactive and supportive pillow ever MADE!

Specially designed cool touch
sweat resistant cover is removeable and washable.

Pressure Relief

Each tiny pillow allows pressure relief for every small contour of the sleeper’s face, head and neck.

Cool Sweet Air Channels

Air flows between the tiny pillows keeping the sleeper continually bathed in COOL air.

Instantly Reacts to Movement

When you change positions during the night,
SleepOvation pillow instantly adjusts to you. No more plumping!


A Polyester and elastane knitted cover are coupled with Cold Blue Polyamide Fiber that is knitted into the cover to wick away perspiration and heat. This cover is designed to maximize our patented technology.

Measurements & Dimensions

Standard / Queen16" x 25" x 4¼”