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Segway Ninebot S Smart Self-Balancing Electric Transporter

Available in 3 Colors: Black, White, and Red

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Segway Ninebot S Discount Review

Pros: Smooth ride, all-terrain master, good customer service
Cons: Non-adjustable steering column, heavy

If you’re looking for a high-performance, no-frills hoverboard for off-pavement shredding or routine commuting then look no further than the Segway Ninebot S.

This machine has a long-lasting battery life, a broad travel radius, beefy wheels, and a comfortable platform.

Outdoor Capabilities

Unequaled in all-terrain aptitude, the Ninebot S is a standard-setter in the outdoor capabilities category.

You might be thinking: okay, that sounds great… But what does that actually mean? Good question. What we are trying to capture in this assessment is a comprehensive understanding of how these machines will fare when a rider steers them off the level pavement.

To answer this question we tested the boards on a variety of surfaces such as inclines, grass, packed dirt and sand, cracked and loose tarmac as well as crossing thresholds like the weather strips found below industrial double doors.

segway ninebot s discount

The S excelled on every surface type that we ran it across and testers reported that they felt stable and confident for the most part. The ease in which this machine traverses uneven surfaces is primarily due to the robust 10.5" pneumatic tires propelled by twin 800-watt electric motors. With this kind of hardware, it’s no wonder that the S outperformed the other products in the class — no other has wheels and motors of this caliber.


Although the battery metric comprises just 10% of the overall score, it is nonetheless a principal evaluation category.

This metric quantifies the longevity of the power source balancing and driving the hoverboard, as well as the period required to recharge the battery when it is fully depleted. To formalize the questions we had about battery life we performed two kinds of tests. First, we ran a range test on a flat track that we circled, again and again, ad nauseam until the hoverboard would no longer propel the rider. The total miles from that test is the board’s travel radius or range. The second was a run time test. The run time was measured on an obstacle course as we deemed this a more realistic assessment of how the machine would actually be used. Like the range test, we ran the S through the obstacle course until the battery died. Finally, charge time was an assessment of how long it takes to recharge the battery following the complete drain resulting from the range tests.

In this metric the S did quite well, delivering a performance that is competitive with the best in the class. Its run time is approximately 1hr 35mins.

However, the range and the battery charge time did not render such clear cut results. While the S’s maximum range is 11.3 miles, the last few of those miles are pretty inconsistent, with jerkiness in propulsion and some instability in the self-balancing system. As a result, we put the effective maximum range at 9.75 miles because this was when the board started to behave unpredictably.

Finally, charge time was a bit hard to nail down as well. There are two charing indicators to reference, one on the hoverboard itself and the other on the charger. The onboard charge meter showed a full charge at 1h 10mins, the charger meter showed a full charge at 2h 40mins.