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Segway Drift W1 Two separate Self-balancing Electric Skates

Segway Drift W1 Discount Review

Speed, Power & Distance

Featuring a powerful 200 W motor and capable of handling slopes of up to 10° on average, the Segway Drift W1 is suitable for both children and adults alike, with a max. the payload of 100 kg (220 lbs).

However, one drawback of these hovershoes is its relatively low speed and battery life, with a top speed of just 7.5 mph. However fun and free-spirited you are, I’m afraid your fun with the W1 only lasts an average of 45 minutes.

This figure is drawn from a number of variable factors, including rider weight, speed, terrain, and more. Such is life, all good things must come to an end… Until at least 3 hours of charging time has passed. However another positive of these hovershoes are dual charging functionality, thanks to the split charging cable included.

Not as suitable for long commutes due to short distance and battery life. dual charging. Mostly for fun. Powerful 200 W motor, capable of handling slopes of up to 10 degrees. Good for kids and adults alike, suitable for ages 6+. IP54 waterproofing making them capable of tackling a number of weather conditions, such as light snow and rain. Best suited for flat, hard ground free of bumps and other obstacles.

Battery Life & Charging

Segway Drift W1 will last approx. 45 minutes, depending on variable factors such as payload, surface, gradient, speed, and more.

Cut charging time in half, thanks to the dual charging functionality of the W1.

Also featuring a split charging cable included out of the box, these hovershoes take an average of 3 hours to charge. Furthermore, the smart battery management system of the W1 results in efficient battery usage, with an auto-wake/auto-sleep feature to conserve power when not in use.

The battery of the Segway Drift W1 is further protected with over/under voltage, over-current, short circuit, overheating safety measures. On average, the Segway Drift W1 will last 180 days in storage from 100% power and 30 days from 30% power, without the use of course.

Any would-be criminal masterminds will be breathing a sigh of relief, knowing that their getaway transportation will still operate within 180 days of any grand heists.

44.4 Wh battery capacity, 3 hour charge time.
The nominal voltage of 22.2 VDC
Max. charging voltage of 25.2 VDC.
Charging temperature between 0-40°C

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How long does it take to charge?

0-100% in 3 hours. Includes dual charging capability and split charging cable to allow charging both hovershoes at once.


-Great for home use
-IP54 Waterproofing
-Easy to get the hang of
-Lightweight and durable
-Auto-balancing technology
-Suitable for both kids and adults
-Custom front and rear LED lights


-Relatively low top speed
-Relatively low battery life
-No mobile application
-Not suitable for road use