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Comments about EOS Classic Full Organic Mattress (Firm)

We love the mattress. I am remiss in not sending a thank you note to the wonderful people in your company. They gave great and , I definitely need to add, patient assistance when there was an issue with the delivery . My husband and I had ordered an organic mattress from another company and the outgassing was so bad that we had to seal the bedroom and open all the windows in the winter. There was no improvement after 10 days so we sent it back. When yours arrived, it smelled like fresh cotton right from the start. It was heaven. We had been sleeping on a futon for a month and we are 70 so our backs were killing us. Your staff was very patient with problem-solving and dealt with my stress level and solved everything in a matter of days. Thank them for me. We have been showing our friends how the mattress is constructed. It is gorgeous. Namaste.

By Michele

Great mattress, surprisingly poor unsustainable packaging

We love this mattress — the feel, the materials, and the buying experience were all awesome. However, for a “sustainable" brand, they ship these in a SHOCKING amount of heavy gauge plastic film. In most places, this film is not actually recyclable and goes straight to landfill. Each of the four internal components has 8-10 layers of plastic, which for a king-size bed added up to more plastic than we could possibly even fit in our outside garbage bin — and that’s not even including all of the cardboard, which at least could be recycled. It felt TERRIBLE throwing this all in the garbage when we bought this brand specially to avoid creating another high chunk of future plastic trash. In short, I’ve quite literally never bought a piece of furniture that generated so much plastic trash. I appreciate that it’s a challenge shipping mattresses, and the vacuum packaging is part of what allows this product to be shipped. But the latex components in particular were barely compressed by the pounds and pounds of plastic that they were shipped in — just seems unnecessary and screaming for improvement. Please try harder, Naturepedic! Your product deserves better.

By Clay

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