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Mango Solar Move 200W (18 V) Portable Solar Panel. Carrying case and kickstand included

What Comes with the Mango Solar Panel: Mango Solar Move, Protective Case, User Manual and Warranty Card

Mango Power Solar Panel

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Mango Power Solar Panel Features:

ETFE Solar cell, High conversion rate, compatible with other power stations as long as there are MC4 Connectors, and support the output spec of Mango Solar Panel.

IP67 waterproof

Some Tips to Maximize the efficiency of the Mango Solar Move

1) Set up your panels correctly: The orientation as well as the angle it tilts at should be right.
2) Avoid shadow areas: Any amount of shadow will affect solar panel production.
3) Keep your panels clean: Dirt or debris reduces the panel’s efficiency.
4) Don’t get panels too hot: Good air circulation or a cool atmosphere around panels will help.

Product Solar Move 200W (18V)
Peak Power 200W
Solar Cell Lamination ETFE
Cell Efficiency 22%
Voltage at Max Power 20.16V
Current at Max Power 9.92A
Open Circuit Voltage 24V
Short Circuit Voltage 10.46A
Operation Temperature -4 ℉~ 140 ℉ (-20℃ ~ 60 ℃)
Best Working Temperature 77 ℉ (25 ℃)
Folding Number 4
Dimension (Unfolded) 89.37 * 21.26 * 0.98 inch (2270*540*25 mm)
Dimension (Folded) 23.74 * 21.26 * 1.50 inch (603*540*38 mm)
Net Weight 22.93 ibs (10.4 Kg)
Warranty 12 Months