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lucky orange dashboard

The only webmaster tools where all ins and outs are not only visible but also accesible from the view inside dashboard.

Frustrating got a lot of page views and visits yet nobody fills out form, subscribe, call, email, chat, etc…? 

Lucky Orange provides meaningful insights to what is going on to your website. Used for over 100,ooo active website ranging from mom and pop blogs to ecommerce platform.

Lucky Orange Dashboard help realtime visitors with realtime problems.

See a list of all visitors that are currently on your website. You can ask a visitor to chat and co-browse with them to see exactly what they are doing. Pass in your custom data to identify specific visitors, orders, and more.

Lucky Orange Dashboard has real time visitor map. Showcase your website traffic by displaying the map in a public place.

Realtime notifications alert you to new visitors arriving to your site. This is perfect for use in lobbies, receptions, and kiosks.