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What Makes Oil Changes Necessary?


Dirt and other harmful contaminants enter the engine through air cleaners, oil fill caps, and crankcase ventilation systems. 

Extreme Temperatures

In cold and freezing temperatures, your motor oil may thicken to a point where it cannot flow properly for several minutes.

As the oil takes time to heat up and thin out, your engine could be in danger of wear and damage.

In extreme heat, viscosity may also increase due to sludge and chemical breakdown. High heat also increases oxidation, creating rust and harmful deposits that can damage your engine. 

keller heartt deals

Stress and Pressure

Intense pressure between internal moving parts can break the protective layer of film formed by the oil.

Air, especially oxygen molecules, can get trapped in the oil and cause oxidation or further prevent the oil from protecting metal surfaces from contact and friction.

Additive Depletion

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