CuraDebt is an established company that offers debt relief services to struggling consumers. Not only has CuraDebt been in business for a long time, but it also has a good reputation with its customers, offers a wide variety of customer support options.

The process they use is called debt settlement, and it can help you negotiate the debt down and pay less than you owe. A free consultation can help you decide if debt settlement is right for you.

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CuraDebt tax relief


-You won’t pay any upfront fees to enroll in a debt relief program—only pay when you get results

-Free consultation can help you see if debt settlement is right for you

-Get help negotiating tax debts and a broad range of unsecured debts

-Helps find creditor violations that can lead to cash settlements, dismissed debt amounts, or both

-Customers are generally satisfied with the level of support provided

-Only need $5,000 in qualifying debt

-Support for IRS debt and back taxes is provided


-Not accredited with the Better Business Bureau

-No client dashboard or mobile app is available

-Services aren’t available in every state

-Live chat isn’t available

-No phone support on Sundays

Types of Debt Addressed

While CuraDebt focuses on helping clients negotiate and settle most types of unsecured debt, they advertise help with a broader range of debts than some competing firms. If you have any of the following types of debt, CuraDebt may be able to help:

Credit Card Debt
If you owe money on credit cards and you cannot seem to pay it off on your own, CuraDebt may be able to help. Keep in mind that this type of assistance could apply to traditional credit cards from issuers like Visa and Mastercard as well as store credit cards or private label credit cards.

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CuraDebt tax relief

Medical Debt
Medical debts can also become a big problem, and that’s especially true when you don’t have health insurance. CuraDebt can bundle your medical debts with other unsecured debts you have, then help you pay them off for less than the amount owed.

Personal Loans and Payday Loans
Personal loans and payday loans also qualify for debt settlement, as well as unsecured lines of credit you may have gotten with a bank or another financial institution.

Tax Debts
CuraDebt also has dedicated tax counselors who can help you repay past due tax debts. This type of help is available in all 50 states, and federal tax experts are available if you owe money to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Private Student Loans
While federal student loans do not qualify for debt settlement, CuraDebt can help you negotiate private student loan debt you owe.

Average Relief Amount

While CuraDebt doesn’t advertise an average amount of relief you can qualify for on their website, they do share some client results from 2019 and previous years that show savings of 50% to 80% or more.

Average Time for Relief

CuraDebt states that the length of your debt settlement plan can depend on factors such as how much debt you have and how much you can save each month. However, they advertise an average program length of 24 to 48 months.


CuraDebt doesn’t charge any upfront fees, and you only pay when you get results. This company is also upfront about its pricing structure. They advertise an average fee amount of 20% of each of your settled debts, which is on par with the industry average of 15% to 25%.


CuraDebt is definitely a reputable debt relief company to consider, and we feel confident recommending them for your debt relief needs. Not only do they not charge any upfront fees, but they are very transparent about their services and fees on their website. They also have excellent user reviews, and they may be able to help you settle your debts for 50% of what you owe, or perhaps even less.

CuraDebt offers debt relief services to people located everywhere in the U.S. except PA, PR, OR, VA states. On average, people pay a fee of 20% of the total enrolled debt, and those who finish the plan get out of debt in 24 to 48 months. Once you’ve enrolled in its program, you can easily manage your account online by logging into CuraDebt’s client dashboard and there are many ways to get support.

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CuraDebt tax relief