Belle Bella IPL Hair Removal system, not a supplement, razor, or gimmick kit. It is a permanent laser hair removal system that works safely on users.

It’s a small laser device for permanent hair removal. If the high cost of laser hair removal procedures puts you off, you will soon find out that Belle Bella is the most cost-effective option for you. It’s made with IPL light technology and has 6 different energy levels to adjust to fit your hair color and skin tone.

A renowned dermatologist creates it for providing professional results at an affordable cost. The Belle Bella system enables you to remove the hair yourself at your home without waxing or shaving and gives you safe and pain-free results. It helps to get the silky smooth skin that you desire.

belle bella hair removal

The Belle Bella hair removal system works on the IPL method concept, which the FDA authorizes to stop hair growth. The system consumes just 10-15 minutes to safely remove the hair, depending on the area you use it.

Dermatologists and hair experts recommend the Belle Bella system to gain permanent results without spending on expensive treatments.

How Does Belle Bella Work?

Belle Bella uses IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology. It releases a powerful heated light beam that destroys hair cell follicles and permanently removes the hair. The process is painless, not to mention the device’s settings can customize your pain level. Belle Bella has 6 levels to choose from and features a sensor to determine your own personal comfort level.

Visible results take 3 to 4 sessions at a 2-week interval. Belle Bella is claimed to break and hinder the cycle of hair growth successfully. Regular use with the aftercare instructions followed can give you results that will last up to a year.

Benefits of Using Belle Bella

Is it safe to use IPL for hair removal, you might ask? If you choose to try the IPL hair removal alternative, you can count on Belle Bella to do the job. You won’t spend thousands at beauty salons anymore, as you will get your laser hair removal treatment at home at a very reasonable price, as will be discussed further. The following are 5 additional dermatological and clinical benefits of using the Belle Bella IPL hair removal kit:

Permanent hair thinning
Most consumers experience clearer skin and reduced hair growth after the 10th and 12th weeks of using this device. If its directions and aftercare instructions are being followed to the point, this IPL machine promises to put an end to hair growth permanently.

Reduced wrinkles and fine lines
IPL is a form of non-invasive treatment for a variety of skin conditions. The Belle Bella kit can be used for both permanent hair removal and improving your skin. According to an IPL hair reduction NCBI study, the IPL light range can be used to manage wrinkles and fine lines in clinical practice.

Reduced broken capillaries and spider veins
IPL wavelengths are highly beneficial in managing leg veins and venous malformations, according to an NHS study and clinical material reported in PMC. Using an extreme light source, 7% of the participants had success with their treatment after 10 months when treating patients with dark skin.

Treating skin damaged by the sun
As previously said, a pulsed laser light system (such as this IPL hair removal one) is an excellent treatment choice for dermatological conditions such as age spots and skin damaged by the sun. The effectiveness of strong pulsed light (IPL) in removing sun damage was tested in a clinical study. Therapies included in the trial used the same equipment as Belle Bella IPL, and the findings demonstrate the technology’s efficacy.

Reduced hyperpigmentation and acne
Clinical research shows that IPL devices may help with acne vulgaris and various other skin issues such as scars. Participants in the trials had positive effects on their hyperpigmentation and acne when they have followed the instructions of using an IPL hair removal device. Dermatologists, beauty experts, and hairstylists all recommend using Belle Bella.

What’s in the Belle Bella Kit?

Inside Belle Bella’s box, you will find:

-IPL hair removal handset
-An adapter
-Users manual
-Protective safety glasses

Usually, you must purchase a pair of protective goggles separately, but they are provided with the hair removal kit. The Belle Bella user manual goes through the main specs of the device, how Belle Bella should be used, its settings, and how you can care for it. According to the manufacturers, after using Belle Bella for over 10 weeks, 87% of people claimed the hairs did not grow back.

Best Features

Belle Bella has different modes, depending on what treatment you need to apply, either stamping or gliding. Some other similar devices available on the market have a 7-10 sensitivity range appropriate for skin tone and hair color. Some have cords, and others are completely cordless, meaning they provide you with comfort and are easier to use. Choosing the suitable IPL hair removal device can be difficult, so let’s see what makes Belle Bella stand out from the crowd:

-Endless flashes
-Safe, regardless of your skin tone
-Suitable for the entire body
-Pain-free because you can change the IPL pain level from settings
-Long flash life, meaning the device will last you many years
-Good price
-2-year warranty
-Money-back guarantee
-UV protective eyeglass included

Any Side Effects

No studies are saying that IPL hair removal has any long-term adverse side effects. However, during sessions, a moderate tingling feeling can occur, causing minor irritation.

This is a typical side effect of hair removal using IPL or some other forms of light. Side effects were rarely reported during any IPL clinical study, and most people would suggest this advanced technology to others.

Redness of the skin can occur at first, but it will fade away within minutes after the procedure. Blistering can occur under highly unusual circumstances, such as where more treatments are needed. It is advised that you avoid using your kit in these situations.