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SleepOvation Mattress Reviews:

Can a mattress adapt itself to perfectly suit any style of sleeper?

That’s the goal of the SleepOvation Hybrid, which relies on roughly 700 individually pocketed foam columns per mattress to compress or firm up as needed to provide the ultimate personalized comfort experience. The company is proudly owned by a sleep industry veteran who has helped to patent and design many mattress products throughout his time in the business.

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Our in-depth overview of the SleepOvation will look at this product’s unique construction, how the bed functions, and who we think it is best-suited for. We’ll provide scores based on value, comfort, and more important considerations to guide your bed-buying experience.

Read through the entire comprehensive review for a close look at this item’s construction, materials, and features. Or skip straight to the end for a quick and convenient wrap-up of the bed’s key strengths and our final scores.

You will love SleepOvation if you:

  • Want enhanced pressure relief – With an average of 700 individually pocketed foam columns in each item (700 Mattresses in One), buyers should feel the bed give way beneath heavier body parts like the hips and midsection, but the springs should stand firm when needed to help support lighter areas of the body. This should help to provide the exact amount of support and pressure relief as needed.
  • Sleep hot – The pocketed columns should promote airflow between them. This design, along with the airflow channels between the support coils, should help to keep air circulating throughout the mattress, which should move heat away from the body, allowing for a cooler feel of the bed.
  • Are a side sleeper – The personalized pressure relief of this bed should help to reduce pushback heavier areas of the body, like the shoulders and hips. Most side sleepers experience a buildup of pressure in these areas as the push into the mattress. The columns should stand firm beneath lighter areas, providing all-over support that keeps the spine aligned.

You might not like SleepOvation if you:

  • Like a traditional memory foam feel – There should be deep sinkage in the heavier areas of the body, but minimal cradling in lighter body parts. This mattress should provide more bounce and a faster response time than traditional memory materials. Shoppers should also experience enhanced pressure relief, which is often a draw for memory foam fans.

Construction (Materials & Quality)

This mattress is a foam and individually pocketed steel coil bed-in-a-box product. This bed should be compatible with most flat, solid surfaces, including adjustable frames and boxsprings with boards placed on top. Slatted bases, however, are not recommended to prevent the mattress from sagging between the slats.

The knit polyester and elastane cover contains a quilted mattress pad for extra support and comfort. The cover is stitched in a way that promotes air channels to help circulate air and move heat away from the body. The plush, white cover can be removed via a convenient, bright blue zipper, and washed.

This bed is a total of 12 inches in height.

sleepovation mattress layers

  • The top layer is comprised of 3-inch Cushion Pockets made of high-density hybrid foam cut into cylinders and covered in fabric. These individual columns should perform similarly to individually pocketed coils, compressing and moving with the body for individualized support.
  • The base layer consists of 8 inches of high carbon steel Cushion Pocket Springs connected to the upper layer to provide movability and easier compression. This layer acts as the base for this item and should provide support throughout the entire bed.

Firmness (Support & Feel)

We rate the SleepOvation at a 6-7 on our Firmness scale that places beds between 1-10. Using this system, a 1 would feel incredibly Soft, while a 10 would be very Firm. This places this bed as a Medium to Medium-Firm, making it a good fit for most sleepers.

The cover should provide a plush feel to balance the firmer support of the columns. Sinkage should be deeper in the heavier areas while lighter body parts stay closer to the top. You should feel supportive contouring with a gentle hug. This combined with the air flow channels should help to keep you cool throughout the night.

Firmness scale for SleepOvation Hybrid bed

Shoppers should notice adequate levels of bounce and very quick responsiveness. The springs should help the columns to reform quickly after pressure is removed. This should aid easy repositioning, which should be of great benefit to combination sleepers.

Back sleepers should experience solid lumbar support and a neutral spine due to the individualized columns. Those who prefer a Soft feel should appreciate the Plush cover, while those who like a Firmer feel should be satisfied by the supportive springs below.

Most side sleepers should find the plush mattress topper provides enough of a Soft feel to keep them comfortable as the individually pocketed columns help to reduce pressure in the shoulders and hips by supporting the entire curve of your shape.

Most stomach sleepers tend to prefer a Firmer comfort level. These shoppers should stay well-aligned with a neutral spine because of the adaptable support provided by the columns.

Having a Medium to Medium-Firm comfort level combined with a Plush topper and enhanced, individualized pressure relief, this mattress should have a universal appeal that most sleepers can enjoy.

This product is designed to support shoppers up to 350 pounds.

Motion Transfer

Buyers should notice minimal motion transfer as the columns are individually pocketed, which should prevent vibrations from moving through the entire mattress as a whole. This should be ideal for people who share their bed with pets or restless sleepers.

Edge Support

Compression may be slightly noticeable when sitting on the edge of the bed, which is quite common for a bed-in-a-box product. Shoppers should notice more solid edge support when lying at the edge, which should help make the bed feel a little larger, expanding the usable sleep surface.

Other Considerations

  • Trial Period – Shoppers can try out their new mattress using the 100-night trial.
  • Warranty – SleepOvation offers a 10-year warranty.
  • Shipping – This product ships for FREE in the contiguous United States. An extra fee may be charged to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.
  • Adjustable Base Compatible
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified – This product is certified to have low levels of harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and heavy metals like mercury and lead.
  • Greenguard Certified – This mattress is certified to have low chemical emissions promoting a healthier sleep experience.
  • Made in the USA

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