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Kangaroo Kabinets Aussie Studio WHITE Sewing Cabinets with Air Lift

Get Your Custom Insert For A Perfectly Smooth and Seamless Sewing Surface

What is this?

A Custom Insert is a Plexiglass piece made to the exact dimensions of the cabinet’s opening and you

sewing machines plus custom insert

r specific sewing machine.

The insert is used only in the flatbed position of the cabinet, which is the second or middle position on the airlift.

Remove your accessory kit from the front of your machine to reveal your freearm. The insert fits around the freearm and center of your machine.

Please provide the make and model of sewing machine the insert will be used with during checkout.

Your Custom Acrylic Insert will be made specifically to fit your cabinet and machine seamlessly. Machine specific inserts ordered separately will arrive after you receive your cabinet and can take up to 4-6 weeks to manufacture.

Cabinet/machine pictured may not represent your exact model. Optional machine-specific inserts are ordered separately and will arrive after you receive your cabinet – can take up to 4-6 weeks to manufacture.

kangaroo kabinets aussie sewing cabinet white